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Jinglin Zhang, born in Xi’an, China. He is a member of the Vocation Guiding Committee in Chinese Education Ministry. He is an expert on the assessment panel of the model major about National Traditional Art. He is a great master of Arts and Crafts. He is an outstanding representative of a hundred young and middle aged excellent calligraphers and painters in China. He is the founder of Scenic Grain Art. He was awarded the title of Artist for Morality and Skill in 2007 and was praised as the first man for painting with grains in China.

He is the curator of Chinese Scenic Grain Art Museum as well as the dean and professor of National Cultural and Art School in Xianyang Vocational and Technical College. He has been reported by CCTV3, CCTV4, CCTV7, CCTV9 and other medias. He held the thematic exhibition about Scenic Grain Art in Chinese Art museum in March 2014. His works of Scenic Grain Art are displayed by Chinese Military Museum, Hunan Lei Feng Memorial Hall, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper, CCTV The Same Song team, Becoming Rich team, Science and Technology Park team, Happy Trip to Beautiful Countryside team, Taiwan Tzu Chi Association, HongKong Buddhist Association, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, nation affairs conference of Peking University, and other domestic and international organizations in France, USA, South Korea, Singapore.

Jinglin Zhang was invited by the general secretary of China-France Calligrapher and Painter Group Exhibition to attend the opening ceremony of Group Exhibition with the Artists from China and France in Tang West Market Art Museum in August 2014

He has achieved the following:

The Gold Medal from the second Hong Kong Chinese New Technology EXPO in 2003

The Science and Technology Progress Prize from the second International New Technology and Production EXPO

The Gold Medal of new technology and product from First China(Xi'an) Travel EXPO in 2004

The Special Medal of Hou Ji from the 11th China (Yangling) Agricultural High-tech Achievements EXPO

The Excellence Award from the 12th China (Yangling) Agricultural High-tech Achievements EXPO in 2005

The Gold Medal from the 55th Eureka World Invention Fair in 2006

The Excellence Award of New products in the exhibition delegation of Xianyang from the 13th Agricultural High-tech Fair

The Excellence Traditional Handcrafts prize from Art Service Center of Chinese Culture Ministry in 2010

The highest achievement award of Chinese Excellence Arts and Crafts in 2011

The Excellent Creative Award from Innovation Competition about National Leisure Agricultural Products by Chinese Agriculture Ministry in 2012

The Scenic Grain Art won the silver award from World Arts and Crafts Cultural Festival in October

The work of Scenic Grain Art, Kwan-yin Statue won the Excellence Award in 2014 Chinese Original works, Chinese Arts and Crafts of BaiHua Cup from 15th Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters and International Excellent Art Works Exhibition (Yangzhou) in October

The Scenic Grain Art won the Particular Innovation Prize from the First Chinese International Traditional Crafts Celebrity Products Exhibition held by Chinese Academy of Sciences in December

Included into Shaanxi Contemporary Famous Artists in 2015

Included into the books published by China Literature Press in 2016

Peoples’ Art Soul Chinese Contemporary Famous Calligraphers and Painters

G20 Building Chinese Dream Chinese Contemporary Artists Recommendation       


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