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National Cultural and Art College was founded in 2013.The team is currently made up of 33 full-time and part-time members, 15 holding master’s degrees .National Cultural and Art College has good talent supply and demand relationships with more than 50 national cultural and artistic organizations in Xi'an, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. At present, there are more than 5000 paper books, and more than 50 kinds of professional art periodicals, more than 160 sets of audio-visual materials, which can ensure a daily study and research for the teachers and students. Among them, Professor Jinglin Zhang, an academic leader and the founder of Scenic Grain Art, as well as an outstanding representative of a hundred young and middle aged excellent calligraphers and painters in China, master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, an expert of the expert database of Western China, the art director of the Scenic grain Art Research Base in Peking University and the special art adviser of Shaanxi Cultural and Art Communication Center.                   

National Cultural and Art College is committed to Creating Special Subject, Promoting National Traditional Art, We start a National Traditional Art major, to cultivate talents for National Traditional Art. According to the statistics from Net ease and Sina, the human market has an urgent need for the talents of the National Traditional Art major, and it shows there is a demand gap over 300 thousands for National Traditional Art every year. The college has a thinking of making a better college, which is cooperative school- running, cooperative education, cooperative development and cooperative employment, it always insists on taking the diversified cooperation, especially the cooperation between the college and the enterprise, as the key point of educating art talents to develop the cooperative field and to deepen the cooperative relationships. There are various skills of the national traditional art and many cultural enterprises in Xianyang City and Shaanxi Province, also in which there is talent shortage in the national traditional art ,the cultural creative design and the product’s sales ,and the gap of the market requirement is also great ,the professional talent is in a situation of short supply, the development in the future is great. Till now, the college has established Arts and Crafts skill master studio, National Cultural Art Gallery, Scenic grain Art Gallery of China. The college has educated more outstanding talents who own the special skills of National Traditional Art by means of Impart, Assist and Shepherd. We have investigated, researched and communicated with Qian Mausoleum, Hanyangling, the great Buddha Temple, the Terra Cotta Warriors, Famen Temple, Maoling Mausoleum, and all of them have reached strategic cooperative relationships with us in high-level craftwork design, production, research, art talents’ cultivation.

Xianyang municipal and the government pay high attention to the development of the National Traditional Art major of our college, and they provided great support. They plan to establish our college to be a training base of Intangible Cultural Heritage Master, and characteristic cultural industry talent of Xianyang City. The secretary of Xianyang Municipal committee Feng Jiang and the mayor Hua Wei have successively investigated the National Cultural Art Gallery of our college’s Art Building. They spoke highly of the works of Scenic Grain Art.

Looking forward to the development vision of National Cultural and Art School is to build the national traditional art major for a special domestic specialty of the National Traditional technology and innovative education to cultivate the major to be a well-known and important specialty of higher vocational college in the whole nation. 

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